What people say

The owner is a great instructor, she's super sweet and so knowledgeable with her years of experience! I have worked out at gyms on my own for many years, and now with Pilates I'm toning areas of my body that I wasn't able to on my own and in just a very short time. I'm so thankful for the instruction! The studio is very clean and the Reformers are kept up very well. You should definitely give it a try! My husband has also started private "stretching" lessons, on the Reformer, and in just a few weeks his sciatica pain he's had for years is pretty much gone, and he's sleeping, so much better.  Best of all he's not needing Ibuprofen near as much. We are both sincerely grateful for her help!


I have been going to Bellini Pilates for 2 1/2 years now and love it! The Reformer Pilates classes are up to a maximum of 6 per class, so you get a lot of 1:1 attention. I am always encouraged and motivated to perform to my full potential. My core is stronger since I've started Pilates and the results were much quicker than all the year going to the gym.


I have had major back and neck pain for many years with over 8 surgeries. Over the years there was never a doctor that recommended Pilates for me. I wish they had. I have received so much help from Pilates, especially from the instructor/owner Danielle B. She uses Pilates to stretch and strengthen and build better body mechanics! I highly recommend Pilates for anyone at any age! Great job Danielle! I believe doctors today should be recommending Pilates more instead of rushing into surgery!

—  BRAD C.

Bellini Pilates has been great for me. I needed help with my back and flexibility. I have received personalized instruction which has made a huge difference. Danielle even teaches a class specifically for men my age.

—  RICK H.

I have been interested in Pilates for a long time but was always hesitant to try it. I have a very bad back and was afraid it would be too much for me. I am so happy I decided to try, and even happier I chose Danielle and Bellini Pilates. Danielle has years of experience, is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explains the movements for each exercise. Plus, and this is a big one, she has tons of patience for those of us that take a while to catch on. [...] Her studio is clean, and though intense, the workouts are fun. I look forward to my exercise days! Thank you Danielle!!


My schedule is hectic and it changes from semester to semester.  Bellini's has been very flexible, allowing me to move from class to class with no problem. This has allowed me to continue with my exercise program and it has helped me maintain my fitness. Classes are structured well, challenging and at the end, I love it when I can feel the results!


4 years ago I came to Bellini Pilates due to an injury and I never left. It redefined my view of exercise.


Bellini Pilates is a welcoming and well-equipped studio run by a knowledgeable and friendly instructor who shares her passion for the benefits of Pilates.


I have been a client at Bellini Pilates for 8 years and no doubt will continue.  The personal attention I receive from  the owner, Danielle Bellini has made me realize how important a strong body is at any age.


At 57, I have finally found an exercise program that I love! I can see myself continuing with Pilates and TRX for the remainder of my life. When I first began at Bellini Pilates, I was overweight, had no muscle tone, lacked endurance and had started to limit myself on what I thought I was physically capable of. Two years later I have muscle tone, strength, endurance, coordination, lower cholesterol, a better outlook on life and I'm 20 pounds lighter and down two dress sizes.


Bellini Pilates has given me so much since I started classes. Bellini Pilates has given me confidence, strength, health, pride, new friends, and most important, the ability to enjoy life again!


Before starting at Bellini Pilates, I was taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen twice a day for back pain. I no longer need any pain-killers.

—  JUDY H.

"Danielle at Bellini Pilates has helped my patients with pelvic muscle pain. She understands the pathophysiology of female pelvic muscle dysfunction and knows the specific exercises to reprogram the pelvic muscles to relieve pain!"

I have Fibromyalgia and could barely do the exercises when I started. Now I'm a whiz! The classes are small and personal. The teachers are very connected to the students and help modify the exercises to meet the needs of each individual. Pilates has improved my health by giving me more strength and stamina. I also enjoy the workout and camaraderie.

—  ROSE L.

Last October, I started trying different gyms to get back in shape. Big mistake! Due to problems with my lower back and taxing my body to the limit, I fainted and was taken to ER by ambulance. After that incident, a friend recommended Bellini Pilates. Danielle introduced me to the "reformer" and critiqued my strengths and weaknesses before signing me up for classes. This is the best thing I have ever done for my health and I'm regaining my physical strength without all the difficulty of using weights. I can't say enough good things about Danielle and her staff. She is there 110% for each and every client. Bellini Pilates made me a believer and after years of intense exercise, this is one of the best things that has happened to me.


Pilates has greatly diminished my lower back pain. Even when it arises, I recover much quicker. The training is highly personal and it is never a class that I dread going to.


I am stronger and have more balance. I think my golf swing has improved.


My son and I found Danielle through an ad. Jim had been involved in a quad accident in 2009. We came home 4 months later; he had physical therapy & speech therapy, trying to regain the use of his right side. (Traumatic Brain Injury) While he had some success, he needed more personal instruction. I was very excited to discover Danielle & Bellini Pilates, we tried different club, but they were cookie cutter. Danielle personalized Jim’s training and he is doing better than he has in the past, the stretching and work with different muscle groups is really paying off.  He is more confident and happy now that his body is responding to this form of personal training. As his mom I am so grateful to you. My son returning to a happy, productive, and typically motivated young man. Thank you Danielle!!


At Bellini Pilates all my fitness needs are addressed.  I enjoy the privacy and the personal attention.

—  SUE C.

Danielle's guidance has helped change our attitude toward physical fitness. We started out as successful middle-aged and overweight couch potatoes with only a vague desire to look and feel better. Danielle, through a graduated process of changing our behavior [and] continually challenging us to step up our activity, has shown us a doable path towards being physically fit. [...] Before working with Danielle, I had a resting heart rate in the 90s and could barely jog around the block. My resting heart rate is now in the low 70s and I can jog an hour a day through the hills behind our home at a reasonably fast pace. I am now physically stronger than I have ever been in my life. Beth has lost 30 pounds, dropped 3 dress sizes, and can sprint on an elliptical machine for an hour.


Danielle is one of the best trainers I have worked with. She is very professional, dependable, and knowledgeable. [...] She is very committed to her profession and constantly strives to improve herself via further education. She addresses the overall wellbeing of her clients, not just a particular exercise routine.


Danielle is passionate about her work and works very hard. She goes the "extra mile" to ensure each workout is complete. She is very patient and persistent to ensure that each exercise is learned and executed correctly. [...] In addition to Danielle's professional integrity, I value her personal integrity. I find her to be very honest, sincere, and just a lovely person to be acquainted with.


I was diagnosed with probable Parkinson's disease and have lost some functionality on one side of my body. Because of this, I have become unable to use many exercise machines or to participate in aerobics classes. Danielle, in a caring and knowledgable way, has worked with me, developing a program of free weights, specific floor exercises, and stretching to strengthen my weakened left side and to improve my balance and walking. She has been marvelously considerate of my physical limitations while never allowing me to slack off or baby myself.


Since I first started training under Danielle's direction, I have been impressed with her thorough knowledge of physical fitness: i.e., the functions of all the muscles in the human body and how they need to be exercised. She understands not only the name and location of each muscle, but also its role in achieving overall body strength. Further, she is able to adapt her vast amount of knowledge to the particular needs of the individual with whom she is working.