Owner, Reformer Pilates and Fitness Specialist

 Born to a French mother and an American father in France, Danielle arrived in the United States for the first time as a young adult of 32 years. After leaving the only home she had ever known to settle in California, Danielle focused on the burgeoning tech industry in Silicon Valley as a means of supporting her two young children. After decades of hard work and success as an App Engineer, Danielle decided to focus on her passion for health and wellbeing by returning to school. During her time at Mission College, she focused on anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and nutritional science, graduating as a fitness specialist in 2001. She settled briefly in Los Altos, where she helped innumerable clients achieve personal wellness goals, before moving to Modesto to work as a fitness manager at a local sports club.


When a devastating car accident upended her life, Danielle turned toward Pilates as a means of coping with the physical and emotional agony of her injuries. She found herself astonished by her progress in this struggle toward wellness: not only did her pain diminish appreciably, but she also felt more energized, more hopeful, happier. She felt, finally, as though she could return to living life as herself again.


She worked tirelessly to better her understanding of a diverse range of exercise routines and eventually opened Bellini Pilates in Modesto in 2006 so that she might help others the way she had been helped during several difficult years of her life. Her recognition of the seriousness of chronic pain allows her to guide clients toward improved fitness and wellness with compassion, no matter their current level of fitness—be it first-time gym-goer or professional athlete—or their current struggle with illness or injury. For Danielle, fitness is more than just physical strength and ability. It is the sense of confidence, achievement, and wellbeing that accompany regular exercise; it is a new recognition of oneself, and of one’s infinite potential for growth and happiness.

Certified Personal Trainer | Certified in CPR


Beth Ward

Mat Pilates, Ballet, and Ballerina Barre

Beth grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and has been dancing for 22 years. She decided when she was ten years old that she wanted to become a professional ballerina. She increased her ballet training and performed as a student with Atlanta Ballet. At the age of 17, she moved to Tampa, Florida to dance and train with Next Generation Ballet under Peter Stark. After two years of vigorous and intense training with internationally ranked instructors, she accepted a trainee position with Sarasota Ballet. At Sarasota Ballet, Beth was able to learn and dance ballets choreographed by some of the most famous choreographers in history, notably Sir Frederick Ashton, Antony Tudor, and George Balanchine. She then moved to St. Louis, Missouri and danced with Missouri Ballet Theatre for two seasons. In 2016, Beth accepted a contract with Central West Ballet in Modesto, California. She was promoted to Soloist in 2017, and then First Soloist in 2018. She has danced principal roles including Dawn in Coppelia, Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, Lead Bride in Dracula, Waltz Queen, Arabian, Lead Dew Drop, and Jewel Doll in  the Nutcracker. 

Beth also has been teaching ballet for six years. Her passion is coaching teenagers and helping them grow technically and artistically while developing a love of the art form itself. She currently teaches at Central West Ballet Academy.

Throughout her ballet career, Beth always relied on Pilates to cross train with ballet. Pilates has always helped her strengthen her core and tone her muscles for performing. Now she wants to help others strengthen their own core, lengthen and tone their muscles, and enjoy the wonderful classical mat Pilates method. Beth found Bellini Pilates when looking for a warm, inviting place to take class. She loves working with the dedicated and friendly clients at Bellini Pilates.


Graphic Artist and Designer

A native of Modesto, Clare returned to her roots after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a minor in Modern Languages at Stanford University. Her senior year, she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, an academic honors society that recognizes the successful breadth of study across a variety of disciplines. This diversity of interests led her to Bellini Pilates, where she focuses on her passion for design.

Bellini Pilates is the premier Pilates, Barre, and Yoga studio in Modesto. Since 2006, we've been working tirelessly to strengthen, motivate, and empower people just like you. Whether you're fourteen or eighty-four, we can help you reach your health and fitness personal goals and set new ones that you haven't even imagined yet. 
Our team is excited to share with you an inspiring workout informed in part by our international backgrounds. With roots in France and Germany, not only do we have a fresh and unique perspective on traditional exercise routines, but we also speak French and German fluently!


Security Guard and Frisbee Enthusiast

Belle is a sweet-natured and observant German Shepherd with an affinity for doggie biscuits and attention. She rests quietly in Danielle's office, occasionally emerging to show off her treasured frisbee collection or to ensure that everyone inside is safe—and working hard!