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Developed by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago, the Pilates Method lengthens, strengthens, and tones muscles. Refomer Pilates also improves posture, flexibility, and bone density, as well as encourages effective weight loss. It is also renowned as a post-rehabilitation program, and can help with chronic knee, back, and other joint problems.

The Reformer workout is an excellent choice for those recovering from an injury, as each exercise can be adapted to suit any ability level or fitness level.



Small Group

Mat Pilates also follows the principles of the Pilates Method, engaging the core to lengthen, strengthen, and tone muscles. It also helps to improve posture, balance, and bone density, as well as encourages weight loss. In this class, you will receive personalized attention as you learn a variety of exercises you can do anywhere you can take a mat—at home on your living room floor, on vacation at the beach, or even in the break room at work.



Small Group

Take fitness to the next level with Interval Training, a high-energy class designed to burn a larger number of calories in a shorter amount of time. Alternating bursts of intense activity and lighter activity improve aerobic capacity, as well as boost your metabolism so that you can shed more weight more quickly. Workouts never bore with our constant rotation of new and exciting exercises, from TRX Suspension Training to free weights and kickboxing.


Small Group

Find your center and relax into restorative internal peace with Yin Yoga. Simple but intentional poses, held for three to five minutes at a time, guide you into a meditative state ideal for reducing stress and heightening the connection between mind and body. Other benefits include improved rest at night, increased flexibility, and a therapeutic release for joints, muscles, ligaments, fascia, and connective tissue.



Small Group

Fuse the graceful and strengthening postures of ballet with those of Pilates and yoga for total-body toning in our Barre class. Low-impact and gentle on the joints, this unique workout encourages weight loss, improves flexibility, and sculpts the glutes, quads, and calves. 



Private, Small Group

*Call our studio at (209) 524-3900 to book a private trial session—only $20 for new clients.

We offer a drop-in Reformer Pilates special for those who are interested in trying out the studio for the first time. It's low cost and low commitment: only $25 for a 45 minute class, with no membership or registration fees. Some experience is necessary.*

All classes are 55 minutes in length.